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A calendar of festivals and events

Posted By Explore Montenegro on 21/02/2013


Festival Mimoze - Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor

(Mimosas Festival)

This is a 300 year old festival that lasts for several weeks in February and is a main event in Herceg Novi. There are numerous festivities for both children and adults, including a carnival. (Please note separate blog post describing a personal experience of this colourful festival).

Hercegnovski ‘Zimski salon’- Herceg Novi

This is a great event for art lovers - an art exhibition that is part of the Mimosas Festival. Artists from Herceg Novi and the surrounding towns gather to create and exhibit their work including fine art, and sculpture.



Dani Kamelije (Days of Camellia) - Stoliv, Kotor

This is a programme of events which honour of the Lady of Camellia, including a ball and a range of concerts.  The events all focus on the history of the camellia flower. According to legend, in 1870, this flower was brought back by a Stoliv captain from the Far East to Boka Kortorska to give to his wife as a gift.



Festival of young musicians of Montenegro – Kotor

Music school pupils and students gather together to display their musical talents and perform in Kotor

International music festival “A Tempo” – Podgorica

Head to Montenegro’s capital city to experience classical music concerts featuring  both Montenegrin and international soloists.



Budva’s carnival - Budva

Very similar to the festivities held in Kotor, a family friendly atmosphere where you can try local delicacies prepared by the local women in Budva.

International book fair – Podgorica

A new and popular event with dozens of publishers flocking to Montenegro from the Balkan counties and the Middle East.  There is a great buzz in the air and it is brilliant if you are looking to  immerse yourself in culture.

Youth Day- Tivat

Youth Day is 25th May and is the birthday of the Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. A patriotic and nostalgic event which includes friendly football games.  This is a great event for families and gives a fantastic  insight into local history, traditions and culture.

Pro Beach Soccer – Montenegro Open - Ulcinj

Great for young people and football enthusiasts- this is a traditional tournament on sand which is a popular event held on Ulcinj’s Mala plaza.



Budva Music Festival – Budva

This is one of the largest music festivals  on the south of the Adriatic and is a very lively and popular event with tourists coming in specially to attend.  It runs over several nights. The biggest stars in the region descend on Budva as well as musicians from Europe



Music festival – Suncane skale - Herceg Novi

This is the second biggest music festival in Montenegro, giving budding young performers and writers the chance to assert themselves in the music scene. It is another very popular festival that is attended by stars from all over Montenegro.

International festival of theatre for children – Kotor

This is great for kids - this festival runs over several days with children’s plays performed in an open air setting in the ancient town of Kotor. Families really enjoy the historical setting and fun atmosphere.

International fashion festival - Kotor

Fashion designers from both Montenegro and abroad including world renowned Italian designers gather in Kotor for the international fashion festival. Big fashion houses have attended in the past such as Dolce & Gabanna, Pal Zileri, Prada, Armani, Ferre, and Versace. Other famous faces attend the festival to mix with the fashion elite.

Hill car races - Cetinje – Ivanova Korita

From Monaco to Montenegro; every year flash sports cars are raced by distinguished racing drivers in a hill car race. Since 1981, this race has been in the calendar of the Federation of International automobiles (FIA). Hill car races from Cetinje to Lovcen are very popular, attracting thousands of spectators.

Summer scene - Ulcinj

Lasting for about a month, this event showcases the culture and history of Ulcinj. It is packed full of plays, music concerts and fine art exhibitions. Artists and actors from both Montenegro and abroad attend with the events taking place in the town of old Ulcinj.




Entrance – festival of electronic music - Rose, Herceg Novi

If you are a fan of electronic sound then Entrance is something that would really appeal to you and would give you the perfect excuse to visit Montenegro. It is a light and sound show that is extremely popular.

International summer carnival - Kotor

Another fun street carnival set around the Squares of Kotor. People typically bring local cuisine such as olives, oils, cheeses and meat. The delicacies are prepared by local women available for all to try.  The international winter festival is has links with February’s Mimosa festival. Great for families and lots to enjoy.

Petrovac night - Petrovac

This is an all night party which is loads of fun and includes national cuisine, traditional dancing and music until the early hours.

Herceg Novi film festival - Herceg Novi

One of the largest domestic film festivals which showcases domestic movies at an awards ceremony. 

Petrovac Jazz fest - Petrovac

Petrovac Jazz Festival, starts at the end of August, and lasts three days - from August 30th to September 2nd.   Performers of all kinds of jazz music attend as well as some international artists so it is definitely one to attend if you are a jazz lover. 



Podgorica marathon - Podgorica

This is the biggest traditional sports event in Podgorica. The races include a marathon and a half marathon, as well as city races of 5 km.




Meetings under the Old olive tree - Bar

This is a wonderfully creative event that lasts for several days.  Books and collections of poetry of children’s writers are presented, as well as fine art and literary works on the topic of “Olive, peace, and friendship”.  Mostly the event is held in a place called Mirovica, where the famous trunk of a 2.000 year old olive tree is found. On the last day of the event, primary school pupils, as well as writers, plant olive trees in the schools, and wish for peace and friendship to be spread among people.  They also symbolically throw into the sea a wreath made of branches of olive tree.



Maslinijada - Bar

Maslinijada is an event that focuses on the Olive and the various forms it can take.  Visitors can taste olives and other products typical of the coastal region, and especially for the local  area.

Welcoming of the New Year’s Eve - Budva, Kotor, Podgorica …

A very typical international scene whereby the New Year is welcomed in during a lively party.

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