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Top five walking routes in Montenegro

Posted By Explore Montenegro on 12/03/2013

Montenegro really is a destination where you can embrace the great outdoors. Walking and hiking are always a great ways to explore a new area.  Visitors can go at their own pace - whether it is a guided excursion or independently, map in-hand. Montenegro’s mountainous coastline combined with its lakes and national parks offers breathtaking views. There is a fantastic choice of routes catering for all fitness levels and ages (and yes...don’t be afraid to take kids on a walk...the ‘w’ word may strike initial fear in them of a day being torn away from the beach but once they are out there walking makes a great day trip for a family).



Lovcen National Park


This mountain National Park is located high above Kotor and can be accessed by car and foot. There is an abundance of walking trails to explore in Lov´cen National Park where you can enjoy spectacular views along the way. There is also an adventure park making it a great family day out.




Coastal walks

When people say ‘walking holiday’ one can instantly envisage walking boots, walking pole and mountainous terrain. Montenegro offers a diverse choice of walks and a great walk to try is a coastal walk at Sveti Stefan, an island that is a 15 minute drive from south of Budva. Visitors can walk along the attractive Adriatic coastline through gardens and beaches.





Kotor city walls walk


A climb up the steps of the old city walls is the best way to appreciate the stunning views across the old town and the bay of Kotor. Best time to walk is early morning or early evening to avoid the heat of the midday sun beating down on you! The walk is more suited to the more physically fit as it takes around 2 hours to get to the top, however you are free to go at your own leisurely pace and there are lots of places to stop mid-climb to catch your breath and enjoy the views! Even walking to the half way point rewards walkers with great views, just remember to take plenty of water!




Coastal transversal

This tour stretches across several days starting from the mountains and ending on the Adriatic coast. The hike includes spectacular views off the Adriatic sea, passing through two national parks-Skadar Lake and Lov´cen national park. Organised guided trips can be arranged and this is ideal for enthusiast hikers.


Bay of Kotor

For those staying near to the Bay of Kotor, then a good route is Mount Orijen which is close to the Croatian border. Guided tours are available as well as equipment hire. The walks vary in length and suit all fitness levels. For enthusiasts, 2-3 day hikes can also be arranged

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