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Shopping in Montenegro can still be a leisurely pastime, largely free of the hustle and bustle of modern global consumerism. Every town has an open-air market, with vendors displaying an enticing array of meat, fish and cheese, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, either local or imported.

The selection is naturally geared to the healthy Mediterranean diet, with local olives and olive oil also being widely available. The single most renowned local product, however, is probably Njeguskiprsut, a type of cured ham that makes a delectable appetiser with olives or melon.

Market stalls usually open around sunrise and keep working until early afternoon. Apart from food, the open-air markets are the place to find household appliances, furnishings and inexpensive clothing, including all sorts of beach wear, while enjoying the sun and the scenery. Each town has its particular character, which is always evident in the market. The Budva summer bazaar boasts an endless array of tourist trinkets, while Herceg Novi offers paintings and sculptures from local artists.

Grocery stores open around 6.00am and close at 9.00pm, while other shops work from 9am until 9pm. In resort areas, many shops will stay open until midnight, especially during the summer. The old towns of Budva and Kotor offer numerous boutiques, with global clothing and accessory brands as well as counterfeits of varying quality on display.

Porto Montenegro is full of stylish designer boutiques and gift shops, as well a a brilliant collection of bars, cafes and restaurants - a perfect afternoon out with the fashionable set.

The country’s first major shopping mall, Delta City Podgorica, opened in October 2008, with 24,000 square metres of retail space hosting such familiar brands such as Nike, Zara, Mexx and Marks & Spencer. Additionally, the mall includes a cinema multiplex and Montenegro’s largest supermarket, Super Maxi. A competing shopping centre, Mall of Montenegro, opened soon after with a covered marketplace inside. While a nice concept, it cannot match the charm of an old town market.